The following are representative essays written since 1998, but we include unpublished writing as well. Either portable document files are provided, or links to sites where the essays may be found.

IgnoranceandHypothesisIgnorance and Hypothesis
The Yale Review
Coming Soon: Summer 2016

Sushi-Brain-BachSushi Brain Bach
(previously unpublished)

A Neurology of Analogy
The Yale Review 2015;103(4):144-153

The Harvard LibraryOne, Two, Three, Phi
[Review of Tononi G.  Phi. 
A Voyage from the Brain to the Soul
The Yale Review 2014;102(1):151-162.

Hyperkinetic Movement Disorders
co-authored with Devin Mackay, M.D.
ACP Medicine, online S12C17, topic ID 1271


The Psychology of Unemployment and Other Destitution
(previously unpublished)

The Wiley LibraryThe Harvard LibraryBy the Book
[Review of Dehaene S. Reading in the Brain:
The Science and Evolution of a Human Invention.]
The Yale Review 2010;98(4):140-153.