The following are representative essays written since 1998, but we include unpublished writing as well. Either portable document files are provided, or links to sites where the essays may be found.

The Housekeeper’s Brain
(previously unpublished)

The Wiley LibraryThe Harvard LibraryGut Lesson
[Review of Hauser MD. Moral Minds. How Nature
Designed Our Universal Sense of Right and Wrong.]
The Yale Review 2007;95(3): 121-133.


A Fallible Index of Science
[Review of Dennett DC., Breaking the Spell.
Religion as a Natural Phenomenon.

The Yale Review 2006;94(4): 148-165.

The Wiley LibraryThe Harvard LibraryA Perfect Madness
The Yale Review 2005;93(4): 76-95.
[an early version of chapter one in
What to Read on Love, not Sex]


The Wiley LibraryThe Harvard LibraryMemory Room
[Review of Sebald WG. The Natural History
Destruction and Hobson JA. Dreaming.
An Introduction to the Science of Sleep
 Yale Review 2004;92(2):129-144.


The Wiley LibraryThe Harvard LibraryThe Complexity Complex
The Yale Review 2003;91(2):107-126.
 introduction to theories of complex systems]

The Wiley LibraryThe Harvard LibraryNearer My God to Thee
[Review of Newberg A, D’Aquili E, Rause V.
 Why God
Won’t Go Away. Brain Science and the Biology of
. and Schroeder G.,
 The Hidden Face of God.]
The Yale Review 2002;90(2):140-153.